Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Review #2 - Minus Faction - Episode One: Breakout, by Rick Wayne

"That's how they got people to give up their freedoms and to take other people's away. Make it about safety, and never ask for more than a tiny bit at a time." 

Rick Wayne's Minus Faction, Episode 1: Breakout is a brutally honest, heart-wrenching thriller. Do you see that first sentence? I struggled to come up with words because I'm still processing everything. I only just finished it last night, know what I mean? AND OH MAN IT WAS SO GOOD! After all the praise I've read about Wayne and his Minus Faction books I figured there just had to be at least a shred of truth (understatement). There was. Oh man, there really was. It is a serialized novel, with Breakout acting as the first installment.

Captain John Regent is an ex-military personnel currently residing in an advanced, high-tech VA rehab facility. Now a paraplegic in a wheel-chair with a heavily burned face, these days he uses his everyday life to spread what happiness he can break to the other wounded vets -- who deal with, among other things, horrific wounds, PTSD, trauma -- by telling them war stories and bringing smiles to even the most downtrodden of faces. He acts as a friend when these people may not realize they still have them. It is, on the surface, a simple-yet-painful life.

Until John Regent's hidden abilities finally catch up with him.

You see, Regent has a special power. He can, in fact, be in two places at once. And, after having escaped being a POW and torture and abandoning his unit, there are plenty of people who want to have a talk with him. How and why, you ask? Well, misters and misses, I guess you'll just have to read the story and find out! HA!


You know, I honestly don't even know where to begin. Minus Faction is rich with energy and action, political intrigue, memorable characters, a plot riddled with fierce adrenaline... and that cliffhanger at the end? Yeah. Oh yeah. OH yeah. 

The story is rife with action and political intrigue (those who like a story with a military vibe -- and conspiracy theories as well -- will find this totes entertaining), but that doesn't overshadow the writing itself. The intricacy and heart put in this story is tremendous. You feel for every character. A particular character only had one direct scene, and she might be my favorite. That's how well-molded these characters are. It's almost as if you could put down that book, go out into your everyday lives, and these characters will be there. 

And that's really the cool thing. Because they are. They are there. 

These characters represent ordinary people. Sure, this is "science fictions" *says with a booming voice that echoes across the cosmos*, but the reality is that Wayne crafts some truly realistic characters. From PTSD to the caring of a mother, to a father's doubts, to friendships thought lost... I could go on and on. Really, I could. But this thing is already getting kind of long, isn't it? 

Let me just stop and say that you need to read this book. Like, now. If not now, then soon. If you don't, you're really doing yourself a disfavor. I'm not normally a science fiction sort of person, although I'm trying to change that (my attention usually drifts to fantasy), but Wayne and Minus Faction have me wondering what I've been missing. How Wayne is not already a household name boggles my mind.


Find Breakout and his other books here: Rick Wayne's Super Cool Website With His Books And Stuff

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