Thursday, June 2, 2016

Up Next: The Princess and the Apprentice, by Roland Boykin

Hello! I've now turned my attention to Roland Boykin's The Princess and the Apprentice, Book 1 of his Queen of Darkness series. I've read about 50-ish pages so far and I dig it. It's so different than the fantasy I normally read, that of Steven Erikson, Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss, R. Scott Bakker, and George R. R. Martin when I read him years ago. In a genre where "Grimdark" is so common (I think that's such a silly name, by the way; Grimdark. You can read a well-written post on how silly Steven Erikson, whose books are not grimdark, thinks it is HERE) with the likes of Joe Abercrombie and Lawrence, to name a couple, this story is standing out as almost fairy-tale in its delivery. It's a refreshing change.

The review will be up Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to talk about it. :)

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  1. Ha ha, I warned you. There has been more than enough darkness in my life that I have no desire to write about it. If I can bring a smile to your face or a tear of sweet sadness, I've done my job. Enjoy.