Monday, June 6, 2016

What's New This Week: Author Interview (Daniel Swensen) and Book Review (The King's Sword)

Happy Monday (or something)! This week is pretty exciting because not only will I be reviewing C. J. Brightley's The King's Sword, but I will also be doing AtMoR's first author interview! Huzzah!

I will interviewing Daniel Swensen, author of Orison (an absolute joy of a read, by the way; READ it) and the forthcoming Etheric (to which I am salivating for and I've run out of napkins *sad face*). Among other things, we'll be talking about his inspirations for writing both novels, the subject of authorial intent, and which Game of Thrones character is his favorite.

This week is going to be grade-A awesomesauce.

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